Ollin Tlahtoalli: Centro de Lenguas y Cultura Mexicana a.c.

Español, Artes y Cultura en Oaxaca, México

Bienvenidos al Centro de Español y Cultura Ollin Tlahtoalli



Ollin Tlahtoalli is a language and culture center in Oaxaca, Mexico that offers Spanish courses within a cultural framework and with an emphasis on meaningful and authentic communication. Our name is composed of two words in Náhuatl, a language Indigenous to Mexico: Ollin which means ¨movement¨and ¨tlahtoalli¨ which means ¨language¨. Ollin Tlahtoalli means language in movementOur name represents the work we do on linguistic identities as well as our commitment to responsibly collaborate with our Indigenous people. Ollin Tlahtoalli was founded in response to the urgent need to support the maintenance of Indigenous cultures and identities in collaboration with the communities themselves.