Bienvenidos al Centro de Español Y Cultura Ollin Tlahtoalli en Oaxaca, Mexico                                       

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 Bienvenidos al Centro de Español y Cultura Ollin Tlahtoalli en Oaxaca, Mexico

Ollin Tlahtoalli is a Spanish language school in Oaxaca, Mexico founded in 2007. Our teaching approach not only improves the Spanish of our students, but also expands their understanding of the local culture and Oaxaca's complex social, economic and political issues. At Ollin we are proud to have a wonderful group of licensed and experienced teachers who have worked with us from the time Ollin Tlahtoalli was founded. Students at Ollin have the opportunity to learn Spanish and to become part of our family of Oaxacan writers, educators, economists, artists and advocates of fair social and educational practices. We are proud Oaxacans and we love sharing our language and culture with our students. 

Our Name, Our Passion:

The name of our Center ¨Ollin Tlahtoalli¨ is composed of two words in Náhuatl, a language Indigenous to Mexico: Ollin which means ¨movement¨and ¨tlahtoalli¨ which means ¨language¨. Ollin Tlahtoalli means language in movement. Our name reflects our view on languages as fundamental in the understanding of culture as well as in the construction of our identities. Through various educational projects, Ollin Tlahtoalli joins communities and other organizations in their effort to maintan Indigenous cultural and linguistic  heritage. This is the commitment our organization has made to the Oaxacan community.