About us

Ollin Tlahtoalli is a language & cultural center founded in 2007 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ollin Center plans, develops and implements language and arts-based educational programs for both national and international students. Through our language and culture programs, students engage in a series of activities meant to enhance their awareness of the many connections between languages, cultures and societies. Critical reflection, collaboration, active participation and community engagement are key components of our curriculum.

One of our core programs is Spanish as an Additional Language (SAL). In this program, students learn Spanish in a classroom setting as well as through guided interactions with people in the community. The content of our Spanish courses is planned to help our students improve their ability to effectively communicate in the new language and to become immersed in the culture and its many forms and shapes in the Mexican context.

Effective and responsible teaching happens in collaboration with a solid teaching team that shares a common vision towards language, education and social justice. We understand the complexity of language learning and the challenges our students face in the learning process. At Ollin, we have created a safe and friendly environment for successful and meaningful learning to happen.


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