Now more than ever, your donations will help keep our Ollin family strong and united. Ollin is committed to keeping our staff and maintaining their salaries. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Your donations will also help us continue these community projects:

1. Free arts-based workshops for children and youth in two indigenous communities of Oaxaca. Ollin Tlahtoalli uninterruptedly has offered free weekly art workshops since 2007

2. Yearly art and photography exhibits in Oaxacan communities and in the city of Oaxaca

3. Ollin is the main organizer of the International Assembly for Community Development Across Borders (2018-2019)

4. Free English tutoring for Oaxacan students

5. Ollin support the work of the non-profit organization NGO MANOS (MIgrantes Apoyados, No Olvidados) through the donation of all profits from yearly language and intercultural communication workshops for migrant advocates offered through Ollin Tlahtoalli Center