Thank you all for being part of this 1st International Assembly!

Themes of this Assembly
  • Western Knowledge & Indigenous Knowledge
  • The Construction of Identities and the Geopolitics of Power: Challenging Imposed and Fixed Identities.
  • Food and its role in the construction - and deconstruction - of communities: Conversations around Food and in Community.
  • National and Transnational Migration.
  • Reading Nature: Understanding Land and its Medicine.
  • Youth Empowerment: Creating Spaces for the Voices of Youth to be Heard.
  • Land Rights, Human Rights, Whose Rights? Understanding the Colonial Legacy and its Impact on Land Ownership and Land Exploitation.
  • Resilience or Resistencia? Sharing Stories of Success in Community Development.
  • Art and Resistance: Creating Stories Everyone Can Read.
  • What is the Next Step? Collecting Experiences and Planning for the Future.

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