Spanish Courses for All Levels

Ollin provides Spanish and Culture classes for students at all levels as well as content courses for those interested in deepening their knowledge in Mexican History, Latin American Literature, Food and Society, Economics, and Oaxacan Street Art. Our Spanish program includes six different levels. Each level has different content and activities, but they are all planned to help our students gain confidence in their ability to use Spanish in a safe and friendly environment.

We know learning a new language can be challenging, which is why we give special attention to our students' different ways of learning. In addition to learning how to speak to Spanish, we know many of our students would like to have a better understanding of the Oaxacan culture. Our program and our teachers can help you accomplish both. At Ollin we combine language instruction with experiences outside the classroom. This approach creates opportunities for you to practice Spanish while learning about and from the people of Oaxaca.

Whether you need to improve your conversational skills at work, prepare for an interview, improve your reading and writing, or just continue to practice your Spanish, we can help you. We are a group of experienced and professinal language and culture teachers interested in you and in your learning. Our teachers do not only have the credentials and the experience needed to provide you with engaging and meaningful lessons, they also love teaching and sharing the experience of learning with you.