Bienvenidos al Centro de Español Y Cultura Ollin Tlahtoalli en Oaxaca, Mexico                                       

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Class Fees

Thank you for considering studying with us. By choosing Ollin Tlahtoalli you are choosing to support our community programs. We run classes all throughout the year, but please contact us before your arrival in order to ensure the best arrangements for your program. Our center does not charge any application fees nor requires students to commit to any particular class schedule. Should you have 
any questions about class content, schedule, extracurricular activities or the like, please email us at 

We will be happy to assist you!

April 2017 Fees  

Spanish Courses (All levels)

10 hrs. per week: $100 usd

15 hrs. per week: 150 usd

20 hrs. per week 186 usd   

Content Courses: 5 hrs. per week 600 USD / 10 hrs. per week 120 USD

a. Mexican History

b. Latin American Literature

c. Spanish Composition

d. Economics in Mexico

 Fees for the Above Courses:

    5 hrs. per week: 60 usd

    10 hrs. per week: 120 usd

e. Oaxacan Street Art Seminar:  Two three-hour sessions, includes transportation to art collectives in and outside the city   $ 90.00 usd

 Fees include all class materials (and a nice cup of organic coffee from our Oaxacan farmers)