Bienvenidos al Centro de Español Y Cultura Ollin Tlahtoalli en Oaxaca, Mexico                                       

Compartimos Contigo la Experiencia de Aprender Español

About Us

Ollin Tlahtoalli is a Spanish and Culture Center founded in 2007 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ollin Center plans, develops, and implements Spanish programs for international students. Classes at Ollin are planned to help our students gain confidence in their ability to use Spanish in a safe and friendly environment. We know learning a new language can be challenging which is why we give special attention to our students' different ways of learning.

We know you want to speak the language and have a better understanding of the Oaxacan culture, our program and our teachers can help you accomplish both. At Ollin we combine language instruction with experiences outside the classroom. This approach creates opportunities for you to practice Spanish in context while learning about and from the people of Oaxaca.

Our Mission: 

To promote the recognition and appreciation of diverse cultures through experiential living and learning. Using language as the bridge that connects us, our language programs seek to enhance cross-cultural respect and appreciation that enriches communities by providing diverse opportunities for language-based teaching and learning.

Our Vision

We strive to create collaborative networks between Indigenous communities, local and global organisations, and academic institutions. With these networks in place, we seek to critically examine the role of education in the reconstruction of views and practices impacting those who have been historically underrepresented.


        Centro Ollin Tlahtoalli

        Melchor Ocampo 710, Centro, Oaxaca

         C.P. 68000